Q) Why do you evaluate the entire system?

A) We evaluate the entire system because it is the right thing to do. As the homeowner, please walk with us as we do the system evaluation.

Q) How long should I water my yard?

A) There is no one size fits all situations because every section of your yard gets different amounts of sunlight, has different slopes, and competes for water with other vegetation. If your grass is St. Augustine, we recommend you start off watering 10 minutes per day, every 3 days. Then after 2 weeks, examine your yard again. If it looks dry, then increase that zone by 2 minutes, and if it is soaking wet, then decrease that zone by 2 minutes. Then repeat this tuning process until the yard looks perfect.

Q) When does a sprinkler head need to be raised?

A) If the grass deflects the water next to the spray head, then it needs raising..

Q) How do you locate valves that are lost in the yard?

A) We have a specialized piece of equipment that sends an electronic signal down the wire from the controller. Then we use our specialized wand to follow the electronic signal throughout the yard until we find the valve.

Q) What can the homeowner do to reduce sprinkler repair cost?

A) We recommend doing a system evaluation 5 times a year, once in spring, fall, winter, and twice in summer.  Turn on each zone manually, then look at each spray head and rotor operating. By doing this, you will notice problems when the first start before your grass starts to turn brown due to lack of water.

Q) What type of material do you use for your repairs?

A) We use commercial grade material Hunter and Rainbird components for all sprinkler repairs.

Q) What does a valve box look like?

A) Figure 1 is a picture of a valve box. When the valve box is in the ground only the green led is visible.

Valve Cover
Figure 1. This is what a typical valve cover will look like in your yard.

Q) What is a rotor?

A) Figure 2 is a picture of a rotor head.

Sprinkler Rotor
Figure 2. This is what a typical rotor looks like and how it sprays.

Q) What is a spray head?

A) Figure 3 is a picture of a pop-up spray head.

Pop Up with Rainbird Nozzle
Figure 3. This is what a typical pop up spary head looks like and how it sprays.

Q) What is the price range for repairing a system after a pool installation?

A) Typically after a pool installation the repair bill is $800.