We charge a $95 service call whenever we come to you. The service call covers a thorough inspection of your sprinkler system. Therefore, before we work on anything, we both know your sprinkler system's current state. We often get a call about something wrong in the front yard, and through our inspection process, we discover a zone in the back yard is not working. We want to leave your house knowing that we did everything to get your sprinkler system performing as if it was new.


We give free advice over the phone.

Pricing last updated on January 15, 2019

Billing Example

Problem: A zone does not work on a 6 zone system. All the valve boxes are easily visible in the yard.
Solution: After detailed inspection of the system it was determined that valve needs to be replaced. The cost to replace valve will be:
$  95 for Service Call
$120 for Rebuilding Valve
$215 Total Price


Our pricing is based on the job. Every job consist of a service call charge plus the repair charge. The following pricing are common repairs. 


* Rainbird 1804 or Hunter Pro-Spray may be substituted.
** Rainbird 5004 will be used unless the original installation used Hunter PGP.
Hunter PGV valve