1)  The single most important aspect of conducting an evaluation of your irrigation system is determine the if the sprinkler system is evenly watering the lawn and flowerbed.


2)  When inspecting your system we will do:
     A)  Adjust sprinkler heads that are not spraying the correct location.
     B)  Verify that each valve is working correctly.
     C)  The controller is in good working order.
     D)  Verify there is no obvious water leaks.
     E)  Inspect each zone for:
     F)  Broken sprinkler heads
     G)  Broken risers
     H)  Broken nozzles
      I)   Mismatched heads
     J)  Mismatched nozzles
     K)  Sunken sprinkler heads
     L)  Pressure to high or low
     M)  Spray deflection by plants or hard-scapes


3)  After our inspection we will provide a written estimate.


4)  We repair all sprinkler systems that have a backflow preventing device. In the greater Houston area, a license irrigator company will typically use a FEBCO Vacuum Pressure Breaker (Figure 1). A do it yourself installations typically use the Rainbird valve with a built in vacuum breaker as illustrated in Figure 2.

Figure 1


Figure 2


5)  Texas state law requires a backflow preventing device on all sprinkler systems that a License Irrigator installs or repairs. A backflow preventing device prevents water siphoning from your yard into the drinking water. Without a backflow preventing device it is possible to drink water contaminated with yard debris, such as fertilzer.


6)  If you are buying or have bought a house with a sprinkler system, we can inspect the system, teach you how to program the controller, and explain how a sprinkler system works. This service is typically not included with a normal home inspection.


7)  Many times when a home inspector finds a problem with a sprinkler system there are other issues with the sprinkler system that is not detected, therefore we recommend for home buyers to have a sprinkler company do a sprinkler system inspection.