Repair Services


Inspection starts at the controller

  • Verify that the controller is in good working order.
  • Verify that each valve is working correctly.
  • Adjust sprinkler heads that are not spraying the correct location.
  • Verify there is no obvious water leaks.
  • Inspect each zone

After our inspection we will provide a written estimate.


Possible problems per zone

  • Broken sprinkler heads
  • Broken risers
  • Broken nozzles
  • Mismatched heads
  • Mismatched nozzles
  • Sunken sprinkler heads
  • Pressure to high or low
  • Spray deflection by plants or hard-scapes
  • Water leaks
Sprinkler system inspection

Buying a home with a sprinkler system

If you are buying or have bought a house with a sprinkler system, we can inspect the system, teach you how to program the controller, and explain how a sprinkler system works. This service is typically not included with a normal home inspection.

Many times when a home inspector finds a problem with a sprinkler system there are other issues with the sprinkler system that is not detected, therefore we recommend for home buyers to have a sprinkler company do a sprinkler system inspection.

Febco Back Flow Device

Back Flow Devices

We repair all sprinkler systems that have a backflow preventing device. In the greater Houston area, a license irrigator company will typically use a FEBCO Vacuum Pressure Breaker (picture to the left). A do it yourself installations typically use the Rainbird valve with a built in vacuum breaker (picture below).

Texas state law

Texas state law requires a backflow preventing device on all sprinkler systems that a License Irrigator installs or repairs. A backflow preventing device prevents water siphoning from your yard into the drinking water. Without a backflow preventing device it is possible to drink water contaminated with yard debris, such as fertilzer.

DIY back flow prevention